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"The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from Source and others, but in the power of our humanness "



      TUNE IN    |      CONNECT    |      HEAL    |      EMBODY 


Wow! What an explosion of bliss, of detox, of struggle, of life, of expansion, of healing, of just about everything that it’s possible to experience. All compressed into a few hours, with the effects lingering long long after. I’ve had many years as a yoga and meditation student - from ashrams in India to world famous online teachers, and I can honestly say, Miri is the best teacher I have ever experienced - a natural conduit of light and wisdom
Emma Levens 
I love Miri’s work!
Her ability to co-create with your higher self in such a beautiful way, is so powerful and amazing. The depths of healing reached is both another level & mind bending.
     A galactic healer, teacher and mentor a true warrior of spirit and life force.
I have attended a few ceremonies and had healing sessions also.
Miri has the ability to bring new levels of awareness and enlightenment, where you resonate with her wisdom because on some level you feel it to be true. I have had revelations, healings and deep insight into my own self and purpose in the space she holds and facilitates. I total recommend working with Miri, this chickie is one pocket rocket of awesomeness and I love her dearly.- Chrissy Nash (Coach, Energy intuitive)
I highly recommend Miri Naad's 5-week kundalini course. She masterfully holds the space and makes sure you get each posture just right. The real secret of Miri's teaching is her incredible presence and her use of sound. Each session is a deep immersion in vibration, upgrading you on a cellular level. This is not just a yoga class, this is a powerful technology for awakening to ourselves and activating our system. If you feel like something needs to shift inside you, take this course. - Phil Townend (Soulful Mystic & poet)
My very very heart and soul felt words about Miri 
I am especially grateful to have met her, she has helped me on every level and I feel there is more to come, everything she does is presented with a powerful yet soft energy every session I experience an epiphany and significant shifts. I always float out of there and I’ll never forget the first visit when I left I had to watch my feet as I walked, I swear they were not touching the ground. I really couldn’t recommend her enough.
Jenny Gower (Crystal Wisdom Keeper)
 “I found Miri to be an inspirational, aspirational leader.   After every class I would feel balanced, calm and much more ready for what life had to throw at me. ~Kelly M 



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