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Miri Naad

is a Holistic Counsellor,  Certified Trauma Informed Coach, supporting people with Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Hormonal Imbalances, Nervous system disorders, and overall emotional and spiritual well-being.

Integrative Therpies include:

Trauma-Informed Coaching
Nervous System Regulating
Somatic Breathwork Therapy 

Biofield-tuning Frequency, 
Bioenergetic & Stress Release TRE Therapy, 
Sound & Energy Healing

BQH Hypnotherapy
Kundalini Yoga
Cellular Regeneration 
Detox Programs
Holistic Dance Teachings
Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremonies

Group facilitator

Certified Trauma Informed Coach by The Center for Healing, Australia.


Certified 200hr Yoga Instructor 

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100 hour training -Feminine Mystery and Holistic Dance Language  School  with Zola


Certified Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy


Bio-Field Frecuency Therapist

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Miri Naad is a Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Bio-Energy Healer, Bio-tuning Frequency Practitioner, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, TRE Therapist (Trauma Release Trembling Method)Holistic Dance Language Ceremonialist, Women's Womb Health Facilitator. Channel of Cosmic truths connected to| Hopi, Wixárika, Mexica |Arcturian Council and Elders

(Vega, Lyra, and Pleiades)

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