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I would rate the 9-day Cellular Regeneration Guided Fast, led by Miri Naad of SPANDA, as one of the top five life-changing events of my adult life so far.
I am so grateful for your encouragement to go ahead, Miri, as I had so much resistance to begin.  And, at the same time, I knew something needed to shift within me, as I had reached a plateau in my life, and in my healing work, and was feeling a lot of stuckness energetically.
The entire process of the fast was incredible - it took me really deep.  So much clearing, purging, and ultimately, healing, on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I faced two of my biggest fears - dying, and also the opposite aspect, of living life to the full.  I let go of ancestral patterns that I had been carrying all my life around food programming (what/when I should eat) and brought to light a piece that had been in shadow around a perceived need to control all parts and people in my life, rather than surrendering to the flow.  In doing so, I released a lot of stored emotion - grief, resentment, anger, and guilt - along with plenty of self judgement.  I created new healthier patterns for self care, self compassion, and self honouring.  And, I discovered for the first time in my life, the pure pleasure of food and eating!  Something big in me has transformed and aligned, and I'm now making positive choices for my life every day.
To support my continued transformation, I've chosen to work with Miri for further healing sessions, including TRE, which is proving very helpful in integrating and extending what the fast began.
Miri, I thank you for your wise, caring support throughout the entire process - always just what was needed.  You are an amazing bright light, and your grounded, embodied, loving presence is both reassuring and inspiring.  Thank you for being you, and for being here.  
Amy, Auckland, NZ
"Miri’s Kundalini Yoga workshops are INCREDIBLE! They played a huge part in the healing, integration and strengthening of my emotional, mental and physical bodies - allowing me to evolve into more mature and powerful aspects of my spirit, and increase my capabilities in the physical world!
I never would have expected the unfathomable alchemy experienced during her classes, possible due to how safe and comfortable I feel in her presence and with her guidance. Her insightful observations and suggestions, authenticity and ability to hold the space with such clarity, allows the highest potential possible for those in the class to work with the deep potency of kundalini yoga, moving together as one, allowing for truly remarkable recalibration. 
Not to mention the lovely and gentle time spent in circle afterwards to integrate, share and ground. Words truly cannot express the depth of these workshops. So much love for Miri and her mahi, a truly remarkable tohunga!!"--Kayla
I’ve done two 9-day Purification fastings with Miri. She is an excellent guide & exudes trust, support & nurturing…I could relax because I felt safe. Miri is wise, knowledgeable, ethical & authentic.  She has great experience guiding groups & individuals in their processes. I’m very grateful for her patience & generosity…She shares her experiences with us, too… always very professional.
Miri gives us tips on how to face the challenges that arise, she invites us to “ENJOY the journey”.
Wonderful meditations, breathwork & grounding exercises accompany this program to keep our energy high.
Thank you, Miri, for showing me how to really tune into & listen to my body, to observe my relationship with food & find what works for me.
My dreams become so vivid during this Purificación. I feel realigned & recalibrated.
I highly recommend Miri. Sending love & light & gratitude from my heart. 
Carolina Hardin
“Wow! What an explosion of bliss, of detox, of struggle, of life, of expansion, of healing, of just about everything that it’s possible to experience. All compressed into a few hours, with the effects lingering long long after. I’ve had many years as a yoga and meditation student - from ashrams in India to world famous online teachers, and I can honestly say, Miri is the best teacher I have ever experienced - a natural conduit of light and wisdom
-Emma Levens 
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